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Fig. 1: Newspaper Rock, a rock panel of petroglyphs in Utah recording perhaps 2,000 years of human activity. Fig. 2: Modern newsstand.

Fig. 1: Newspaper Rock, a rock panel of petroglyphs in Utah recording perhaps 2,000 years of human activity. Fig. 2: Modern newsstand.


Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ham ‘n Hay With Beer

ham n hayToday’s recipe is everything we’ve come to love from Bon Appetit Wednesday: unique, ancient, mysterious, healthy and delicious. Hay may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cooking a ham, but you might want to consider it the next time you have a dinner party. Continue reading

KIDS’ BLOG! The Rose in History: Power, Beauty and the Sweet Smell (and Taste) of Success

17672-red-rose-close-up-pvRoses have an ancient history. Their delicate petals, their beautiful hues, their enticing fragrances and their visual presence has inspired civilizations from time immemorial. Roses have been around for some 35 million years and evidence of their past glories have been found in the far reaches of the ancient world. Let’s explore their history further as we take a walk through the amazing Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon, where the ancient and modern find common blooming rights. To make your stroll even more memorable, steep some rose hips tea, sit back and relax to the sumptuous tones of Enya’s China Roses.

*And don’t miss the fantastic activities below the slide show! Continue reading

It’s Christmas in July! Free Gifts for Everyone from AntiquityNOW

gifts-570821_1280Whether you’re in the northern hemisphere, sweating through a hot summer, or in the southern hemisphere, staying warm for the winter, everyone enjoys free gifts! At AntiquityNOW we have plenty of fantastic offerings that you can take advantage of every day. Here’s a sampling of the wonderful gifts we’re bringing to you! Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Grandma Joyce’s Fishcakes for Your Christmas in July Dinner

800px-Fishcake_on_saladSummer in the northern hemisphere is a great time for long days on the lake or beach and glorious fish fries with friends and family. Today we’re bringing you a great recipe for your family fry. It’s a recipe featured in our 2013 Recipes with a Past E- Cookbook and brought to us by one of our guest bloggers, Russell Fleming. The recipe has been passed down in his family for generations. Now you can share it with your family. Continue reading

Happy Christmas in July!

christmas in julyChristmas is a celebration with ancient roots and shared customs across many cultures. Mythology, religion and politics have through the millennia influenced how Christmas became what it is today. And let’s not forget the role that marketing has played in making this holiday a worldwide phenomenon. (Don’t miss our blog series on the history of marketing). But a newer celebration has taken off in recent years—Christmas in July. Many think it’s a marketing scheme launched to clear out old merchandise and prepare for new products. But Christmas in July has a much older derivation: Continue reading

Fact or Fiction? Ancient Chewing Gum

Fact or Fiction curly and roundWhether it’s bubblegum, mint, cinnamon or fruity flavors, chewing gum is one of the world’s most ubiquitous habits with nearly 100,000 tons consumed per year.

Did you know that chewing gum is almost 5oo years old and used to be made out of tree leaves?

Fact or Fiction?


*Click here to read more about the history of chewing gum. And click here to read our Kids’ Blog version.

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Globuli, Ancient Fried Cheese Curds

globuli cheese curdsBefore we get started on this week’s delectable dish, we have an update to last week’s Bon Appetit Wednesday! post about hot dogs and eating contests. On the fourth of July, in a huge upset, Matt Stonie delighted fans by dethroning the current champion of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut. Jaws was going for his ninth straight victory at this long time Coney Island, NY event. Click here to watch all of the heart-stopping action (we debated on using this pun—really). Continue reading

The Slavery Project Part 2: In the Eye of the Beholder

JMW Turner's

J.M.W. Turner’s “The Slave Ship”

As we discussed in Part I: In the Eye of the Beholder, The Slavery Project (TSP) is an ongoing, interactive series of modules that incorporates lesson plans along select historical plotlines detailing slavery in a particular society during a specific period.  TSP is designed to provide students an immersive experience where a culture is explored according to the social, cultural, political and economic conditions of the time. Continue reading

AntiquityNOW Wishes You a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

fourth fireworksPlanning on enjoying fireworks? Read our blog post, “The History of Fireworks: Celebrating Life’s Moments in Color, Light and Sound,” to learn more about the history of fireworks!

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