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How Advertising Helped Write History, Part 2

Don’t miss Part 1 of this fascinating series! And now, on to Part 2… Winning wars During the World Wars in the twentieth century, often a simple poster with a powerful message was enough to persuade people to do their … Continue reading

How Advertising Helped Write History, Part 1

Imagine standing in the dead center of Times Square. Aggressive flashing lights, pulses, and neon words play tug-o-war for your attention. Inviting music oozes from the glare of what seems like a thousand restaurants as errant street vendors grapple to … Continue reading

The Ancient Roots of Modern Hygiene Part 2

In Part 1 of our ancient hygiene post we discussed the psychology behind our need for hygiene, our long history of soap-making and even ancient cosmetics. Now, continue on this journey with us to discover more ancient efforts to fight … Continue reading

The Ancient Roots of Modern Hygiene Part 1

If you’re worried that modern society makes us all vain, have no fear. Truth is, we’ve been primping, prepping and peacocking for centuries. Case in point: one particularly fussy Iron Age man found preserved in a peat bog. After all … Continue reading

The Colorful Past of Halloween Treats

Lads, look at yourselves. Why are you, boy, wearing that Skull face? And you, boy, carrying a scythe, and you, lad, made up like a Witch? And you, you, you!” He thrust his bony finger at each mask. “You don’t … Continue reading

A Brief History of the Timeless Dilemma of Censorship and America’s Response

The life of Socrates is in the hands of 500 reticent jurors. He stands trial for poisoning the minds of Athenian youth and inspiring rebellion with anti-democratic teachings. Silently, the jurors cast their ballots into one of two urns that … Continue reading

Foodborne Illness: The History of an Invisible Enemy

The history of foodborne illness is as complex and tortuous as the history of eating. Since the very beginning, foodborne illness has been a perpetual hitchhiker in our journey with food. With every human advancement in eating and acquiring food, … Continue reading