Fig. 1: Jasper scarab ca. 7th-5th century BC (Neo-Babylonian or Achaemenide) Fig. 2: Dubai Crescent Moon Tower, an architectural design project submitted for the 11th ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award.

Clues to the nature of a civilization are nestled in its culture.  By investigating its art, food, architecture, music and writings, we can piece together who these people were and what they understood about life.  AntiquityNOW takes this one critical step further— exploring how the cultures of ancient civilizations have influenced life today around the world.

Seeing today’s culture from a historical perspective is as vital to our global heritage as it is to our separate national identities. The contributions of each culture unite us as people.  They teach true tolerance and inspire a genuine appreciation for the great accomplishments of these people who lived in earlier times. By following the threads of each antiquity’s influence on our cultures, we discover in a tangible way that humanity is the beneficiary of all of them.

Through AntiquityNOW, we will see that elements in our music and drama have roots stretching back to ancient civilizations.  The Egyptian pyramids have influenced the architectural art and design of modern buildings and sculptures throughout the world.  The newest runway fashions draw eye-catching inspiration from ancient paintings, sculptures and pottery designs depicting the clothing of a myriad of time periods.  Modern jewelry honors the creativity of past artisans by incorporating their designs into sought-after necklaces, earrings and accessories.  Interior designers today bring in period pieces and accents that showcase the rich heritage with which we are all blessed.  The past has molded how we live today.

The antiquities of past cultures become timeless, priceless reminders of how much today’s life hinges on the imagination, artistic eye and creative spirit of the people who came before us.

AntiquityNOW is dedicated to bringing these past treasures and their significance to light.  Moreover, we hope to inspire everyone to imagine where this trajectory can take us all into the future.

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