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What is art?  Why do we create?  From the spectacular menagerie racing across the Chauvet Cave walls to lavish Egyptian tombs and prehistoric figurines, humans have made their presence known.  I lived.  I had form.  This is my society.  These are my gods.  This is my world.

Art gives cultures a sense of time and place and belonging, depicted in the grand architectural designs of a people such as the Mayans, Khmer, Greeks and Romans. It reflects social mores and values as seen in various cultures’ depictions of perfect male and female proportions, of noble leaders and fearsome warriors, in the loving embrace of a mother and child.  It takes form in song and oral traditions that anchor a culture and capture the imagination of its people.  Art illustrates a civilization’s mythos and how ancients hoped obeisance to their gods would intervene against the brutal forces of nature and man.  Art was always there, the touchstone of human existence.

The creative spirit transcends time and culture.  It can be a contrapuntal force to destruction, to the ebb and flow of civilizations destroyed by avarice and conquest.  Art can commemorate the beauty of the spirit thousands of years later that can claim for those ancient souls “I was here, and against the folly of man and the ravages of time, I survived.”

We at AntiquityNOW honor these ancient lives etched in marble and stone and captured in song and epic tale.  Lives frozen in time but that have resonance today.  We hear you.  You are not lost to the ages.  We celebrate your spirit in our mission to show antiquity’s legacy in today’s world.  And to carry on that spirit to create.

We welcome your submissions of all types from both professionals and amateurs alike. Click here to submit your work. We’ll be adding new categories as we receive new submissions.

We can accept submissions in the following file formats:

  • Images- jpg, png, bmp
  • Documents- doc, pdf
  • PowerPoint- ppt
  • Publisher- pub
  • Video- mpg, mp4, avi, wmv
  • Audio- mp3, wav, wma

Examples of potential submissions:

  • Short stories (fiction)
  • Poetry
  • Play scripts
  • Art (paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculptures, etc.)
  • Music
  • Short videos (fiction)

*All works that are accepted for publication will be displayed on our website in the format approved by the artist. No work will be used commercially or changed in any way without the express permission of the artist. 

*The art used in the banner and icons on Today’s Muse is by Dan Fenelon.

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