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Dan Fenelon 005Dan Fenelon‘s art is a blend of pop, cartooning, modernism and tribalism infused with an explosion of vibrant colors.  He creates in a wide array of art forms, including large-scale murals.  His ornament project was selected for New Jersey’s tree at the 2012 National Christmas Tree Display on the lawn of the White House in Washington DC. Dan is based in the New York metropolitan area.
Dan's dolphinDan Fenelon created a paint by number activity using one of his paintings inspired by the Minoan “Fresco of the Dolphins” on the island of Knossos. The fresco is from the Palace of Knossos located just south of modern-day Heraklion near the north coast of Crete.
Cleopatra watercolorLori Wilbanks is a full-time educator with eight years of classroom and leadership experience, including two years in Central Asia. In her free time, she is an artist and craft/art blogger who works on numerous crafting teams.
Musical Sensation Ashkals closeAshkal is an artist from Pakistan who has studied all over the world. A man of many talents, he is also a film-maker, a fine-art photographer, an art-restorer, art-scholar, reproducer and gallery owner. His art is informed by his numerous world travels. Click here to view more work by Askal.

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