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  • Eternity– An archaeologist translating a 3,500 year old Egyptian poem finds he has more in common than he thought with the ancient scribe. (Don’t miss the narrated video version complete with cinematic accompanying images here.)
  • Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow– “The play is set in the present, sometime in late August/early September when the air is still hot and heavy with humidity- the stagnancy of the gray air mirrors the stagnation of the characters at this point in their lives.”  Inspired by Greek tragedies, this play in one act reveals the timelessness of the themes and characters created thousands of years ago.  It is written by Noelia Mann, Executive Assistant at Girl Be Heard, one of AntiquityNOW’s partner organizations.
  • The Churchyard Horror– This tale by Paul Hodge conjures up ancient folklore (going back to Mesopotamia and ancient Greece and Rome) and a sense that death is sometimes not all that it appears to be. Paul Hodge left London and came to reside in Hampshire armed with the collected works of MR James, Kate Bush and Nigel Kneale. He now trawls the dusky corners of the country seeking stories to entertain (and scare). These form part of his own collected works and blog, Freaky Folk Tales.

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