Today’s Muse Welcomes Art by Ashkal

Musical Sensation AshkalsWhen Ashkal, who lives in Pakistan, sent us the above artwork for our critique, we immediately requested his consent to post it on Today’s Muse, AntiquityNOW’s creative section. Ashkal says that his art grows out of his love of learning about the world, its people and diverse cultures.

Not content to simply sit and paint what is close at hand, Ashkal has traveled widely, and with a lively curiosity, interprets the essence of a people in planes, angles and perspectives that embrace the ancient and modern.  What sparks your imagination in The Musical Sensations—Female?  Is it the juxtaposed planes of the female form?  Is it the evocative images of musical instruments and their silently rising ancient notes?  Or is it the decorative elements that are both modern in their angular rendering and reminiscent of ancient Egyptian and Mesoamerican art?

We are pleased to display Ashkal’s unique work in our Today’s Muse section and look forward to featuring additional creations in the future.  Click on the image above to view a larger version and visit Today’s Muse to enjoy more creativity inspired by our ancient past.

Kids’ Activity

Download and print out the large image of The Musical Sensations—Female and color it in using hues from ancient cultures.  You can read about the different meanings of the colors and the ways in which people thousands of years ago created dyes for their art.  The following links provide information on colors from around the world.

Ancient Egyptian Colors-

Ancient Mesoamerican Colors-

Ancient Chinese Colors-

One response to “Today’s Muse Welcomes Art by Ashkal

  1. The innovative Art by Ashkals artist is really amazing. It sounds antique art expression together with a clear touch of actuality.
    Bravo !

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