AntiquityNOW Celebrates International Star Wars Day on May 4

AN News GreyThis Sunday is May 4th, International Star Wars Day.  Let the Force be with you (yes, that famous phrase determined the date).

In honor of this grand event, AntiquityNOW will launch a new Science Fiction section on its web site,, and introduce a special curriculum by Jason Allen, PhD, on the ancient religious and philosophical references in the Star Wars franchise.

“It is the connections to such figures as Buddha, Lao-Tzu and Confucius that provide layers and identity to Star Wars,” says Allen, a coordinator of social science at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College.  “The films are ideal for students learning the complexities of various philosophical and religious thought. The films provide both a visual connection to different ideas and also require critical thinking skills in making and seeing the connections between the film and ancient ideas.”

Star Wars creator George Lucas famously was enamored of myth and ancient forms of spirituality, although he disclaimed any particular religious attachment. Rather, through his films he sought to spark curiosity in the unknown, particularly for young people.

So check us out on Sunday as you are commemorating International Star Wars Day.  And take a look at the curriculum and our new Science Fiction section. You never know what new takes on Star Wars you’ll find.  As Jedi Master Yoda said, “Through the Force, things you will see.”


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