Exploring LegacyQuest 2014! Fashion: A Makeover Show

LegacyQuest large logo blue borderThe second video we’re featuring in our Exploring LegacyQuest 2014 series is the second place winner of the festival. All about fashion in the ancient world, this entry hails from The Baldwin School in Pennsylvania. It was created by middle school students Meghan, Julia, Amanda, Frances, Grace and Sasha with the guiding hand of their teacher, Jeannette Keshishian.

These students said they considered several ideas for their project before landing on fashion, but they weren’t content to just cover the topic. They wanted to make a video that was “fun, interesting, that would be enjoyable for all ages, and most of all, original.”[1] They decided to bring ancient fashion into the modern world with a makeover show. The characters are gods and goddesses chosen for their specific attributes and every facet of the look is discussed, from hair to makeup to jewelry. Each student chose an area on which to focus and did research on that particular topic before coming together as a team to share what they had learned. After putting the finishing touches on their entry the students said, “It was so much fun creating, filming, and editing our video. We hope you enjoy the video!”[2]

Before watching their version of an ancient makeover, here’s a little more information about these creative students.

Grace likes to draw and email friends. Her favorite classes are art and sports.

Sasha likes to play squash and lacrosse. She also enjoys music and art, and being with friends and family. Her favorite classes in school are science, music and sports.

Amanda likes to play basketball, act, sing, shop and spend time with friends and family. Her favorite class in school is math.

Julia likes to play tennis and spend time with friends and family. Her favorite classes in school are math and English.

Frances likes to swim, play piano and play with her dog. Her favorite classes are art and sports.

Meghan likes a triple play: animals, Minecraft and the piano. Her favorite classes are math and English.


[1] Film Essay

[2] Ibid.

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