Exploring LegacyQuest 2014! Dancing Through the Ages

LegacyQuest large logo blue borderWe’ve reached the final week of our Exploring LegacyQuest series and our featured video is another amazing Honorable Mention from the Morganton Day School in North Carolina. These students danced their way to success with a film that explores the origins of dance and the various styles that have emerged throughout the ages. This lively entry was produced by middle school students Edgar, Caitie, Delaney, Annie Grace and Harrison with the helping hand of their inspirational teacher, Britta Gramer.

These kids had rhythm in their feet and a beat in their soul when they chose the topic of dance for their film. Each student already had some interest in dance and was eager to learn more about the origins and purpose of this artistic form. The video begins in a dance class where the students and their teacher are suddenly transported back through time to discover dance in ancient civilizations all over the world! In ancient Greece they witness the ritual dance in the stomping of the grapes. In ancient India they discover the fascinating Bharatanatyam dance and in Italy they learn about the “beautiful art of ballet.” [1] They arrive safely back in America just in time to uncover how each of these styles influenced our modern style of dance.

These students admit they “love competitions” and wanted to make sure their video was of the highest quality.[2] Taking the viewer on a whirlwind trip through time was certainly a creative and thrilling way to teach the audience about some of the earliest origins of dance. The kids also wanted to make sure they learned a lot through the project. They explained in their feedback essays that they ended up learning not only about history, but also about time management, teamwork, creative writing, critical thinking, film-making and so much more.[3] How’s that for tripping the light fantastic?

Before we glide, leap and twirl into the past, let’s take a moment to learn a bit more about the filmmakers.

Edgar is funny and smart. His hobbies are taekwondo, Clash of Clans (combat/strategy video game), reading, math and computer programming in ActionScript and AppleScript.

Catie loves craft projects and fashion. Her friends would describe her as a bubbly, bright and always happy person. Her hobby is dance, specifically tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, acrobatic and Lindy Hop.

Delaney is bubbly, energetic, happy, funny and smart. Her hobby is dancing and she even does it competitively. Dance is her way of connecting with and releasing her emotions.

Annie Grace is very creative and loves to sing, act and dance. She trains in these three disciplines every single day. She is smart and committed, works hard in school and enjoys learning.

Harrison is hilarious. All of his friends describe him as funny. His hobbies are playing basketball and riding his go-cart. He was glad to have learned more about dance through this project.

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[2] Ibid.

[3] Student Feedback Essays.

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