AntiquityNOW Introduces the Education Topic Matrix

Education Topic Matrix FinalAntiquityNOW is pleased to announce the launch of our Education Topic Matrix, an index of content for educators to use as supplements to their classroom curricula. This matrix includes all our blog posts, Kids’ Blog posts, educational projects, videos, creative writing, arts and crafts, curricula as well as our partner projects, organized by region and era. It’s cross-indexed, covers a wide variety of subjects, is easy to search and is organized under headings that teachers can readily recognize.  And the best part? It’s completely free.

Topic Matrix Rick Pull quote copyHere at AntiquityNOW we take pride in our rigorously researched, versatile, quixotic and sometimes quirky view of ancient history and its intersections with modern times. Our matrix is in the truest sense of the word as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary “something…in which something else develops or forms.” We want the AntiquityNOW matrix to become a place where great ideas are collected and best practices shared, and where ancient history finds continuing resonance in today’s very modern world. For that, we welcome teachers, scholars, archaeologists and people with a deep interest in the living history that is always unfolding around us to contribute their unique view of life as it was and as it is on this planet. We look forward to seeing this matrix grow with submissions from you. We’re accepting curricula, educational activities, videos, creative writing, artwork and other materials.  Let us showcase your ingenuity revealing how the past continues to influence our lives today.  Please go to Submit Work to share your ideas with us.

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