Girl Be Heard and AntiquityNOW present Generations: Voices of Women From Antiquity to Modern Day

AN News GreyIn association with AntiquityNOW, Girl Be Heard will be presenting Generations on Wednesday, October 22 at 6:30 pm at the East 4th Street Theatre, 83 East 4th Street, New York, NY as part of their workshop series for the 2014-15 theater season. Generations is being performed during the Estrogenius Festival 2014.

Generations is an ensemble performance devised by Girl Be Heard Company Members in collaboration with women and girls, ages 17 to 61.  This is the first show in Girl Be Heard’s history that has brought together women of all ages to research, discuss and write about women across history.  This inter-generational laboratory reveals stories of resiliency, both personal and historic.

GBHGirl Be Heard uses theater as a vehicle to empower young women to become brave, confident, socially conscious leaders and explore their own challenging circumstances. GBH believes that if a girl can change her own life, she can change the lives of girls everywhere. Girl Be Heard creates a world for young women to find strength, realize their potential, and rise above their circumstances and society’s expectations of them.

AntiquityNOW’s mission is to illustrate the connections between the past and modern times in order to reveal how ancient legacies continue to have resonance today.  Generations will demonstrate how women’s changing—and sometimes unchanging—roles through history raise profound questions of equality, social standing and human rights.  What better way to explore this than through the contemporary voices of young girls and women valiantly striving each day to break barriers and forge their own destinies—voices that echo those of the many remarkable women of distant ages.

For more information about Generations and the GBH 2014-15 season, and to purchase tickets, go to

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