AntiquityNOW Presents: Fact or Fiction? Fish Sauce Doughnuts

Fact or Fiction curly and roundWe at AntiquityNOW love to be surprised, and what better way to be so than to take a walk through history. History is the ultimate trickster, turning what we think we know around at every opportunity. What really happened eons ago? Finding out can be befuddling, baffling, shocking and soooo amusing. So in that spirit of amusement and befuddlement, we announce our whenever-we-feel-like-posting-it new blog series, AntiquityNOW’s Fact or Fiction. Buckle up. It’s going to be quite a ride.

hot apple cider dougnutsLast week was National Doughnut Day and we don’t think it’s too late to celebrate. Did you know that doughnuts can be traced back to a Greco-Roman treat of fried dough coated in fish sauce?

Fact or Fiction?


*Click here to read even more about the history of doughnuts!

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