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Throwback Thursday! Ancient Games and Toys

Roman_dice_IMG_4367It is the season of toys! Parents are scouring store shelves for the most popular gadgets and games to wrap up for the holiday season. Today’s most prized playthings may take more batteries than those of the ancients, but our ancestors still knew how to have a good time. Consider the recent findings at a 1,900 year old Roman settlement in Germany. Archaeologists uncovered a board game piece and a die, proving the soldiers who lived there weren’t all work, no play. Read the complete article here.

Further evidence of ancient playtime was discovered in a  2,300-year-old tomb near Qingzhou City in China. The heavily looted site still holds valuable treasures, including pieces from a mysterious board game. “Archaeologists found a 14-face die made of animal tooth, 21 rectangular game pieces with numbers painted on them and a broken tile which was once part of a game board.”[1] They believe these pieces were used to play a game called “Bo” that hasn’t been played in 1,500 years. Click here to read more about this fascinating find.

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KIDS’ BLOG! Ancient Puppy Puts Its “Stamp of Approval” on Roman Tile

Puppy paw print in a Roman tile. Credit: Adam Slater, Wardell Armstrong Archaeology

Puppy paw print in a Roman tile. Credit: Adam Slater, Wardell Armstrong Archaeology

Recently, archaeologists have discovered strange imprints on a Roman tile uncovered at a construction site in Leicester, England.  They decided that the impressions had to be a puppy’s paw prints.  Most of us forget that the Romans had pets, too.  Apparently, this puppy was so excited about finding out what everyone was working on that it trampled on a newly placed brick before it had hardened, leaving a permanent memory of the dog’s existence. Continue reading