Tips for Making a Video for LegacyQuest

camera_icon_estilizado_nofeetSo you’ve decided to enter LegacyQuest. Through your video you’ll be taking your audience on an amazing journey through time to reveal how the ancient world still lives on in modern life.  To achieve this it’s important to do your homework and remember that this is a competition. There will be other entries out there with powerful stories to tell. But you also want to have fun, right? So let’s explore how the exciting world of filmmaking can make your LegacyQuest experience one you’ll never forget.

Time to get started on your video. Where to begin? You want your video to stand out and be professional. The best way to achieve that is to do some research on filmmaking before you embark on your journey. Making a good video is not something you can do without learning the ropes and doing careful preparation.

To help you prepare we’ve put together a list of websites with specific advice about how to make a good video. But first, here are a couple of tips we want to emphasize:

  • Audio– Pay attention to the audio.  For starters, keep the audio level even throughout your video.  Avoid dramatic changes in the audio level. The videos below will offer more help on this subject.
  • Video– Choose a good quality camera and use a tripod to stabilize your video whenever possible.
  • Script-Prepare your script with precision. Have you shown the relationship between the ancient and modern worlds?  Have your examples made the point? Does every piece of dialog carry the story forward? Words on the page—it’s the foundation of every good performance.
  • Performance-Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Try out difference techniques—modulate your voice, study the best body movements when you speak, perform the part as if you really are inside your character’s body.  You’re an actor…isn’t it grand to be someone else for a while?
  • Ask for help!– If you run into any problems or just want an opinion on whether you’re heading in the right direction, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to help. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page and on both the AntiquityNOW and TAC websites.

Below are some terrific websites with informative tips and tutorials:

Contact Us:


The Archaeology Channel

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