Calling All Teachers! Showcase Your Best Ideas With AntiquityNOW!

Author: Shirley K. Gazsi, President of AntiquityNOWconf logo

As we all know, teachers are some of the hardest working, most dedicated
professionals around.  In the last few days I saw firsthand the caliber and quality of this field at the National Council for the Social Studies conference.

St. Louis Gateway Arch

St. Louis Gateway Arch

AntiquityNOW was selected from more than 90 proposals to give a poster session on our organization and our prototype Yesterday’s Child, which is a comprehensive, culturally immersive curricular series about ancient cultures and their legacies today.  I also attended the conference to understand the prevailing issues in teaching social studies today and to gain an appreciation of how AntiquityNOW can serve as a resource to the educational community.  At our poster session and the many gatherings I attended, I discussed collaborative opportunities with teachers as well as other folks from nonprofit organizations representing a broad array of interests.

The ideas were plentiful. Over the next months I will share our progress
as we explore and work on mutual interests, and as well analyze and incorporate key issues raised during the conference in our blogs and curricula.

For those unable to attend the conference, AntiquityNOW would also like to invite you to send us ideas for collaborative projects, lessons plans, blogs, creative endeavors (e.g., short stories, poems, recipes, videos) and educational activities—anything that we can post to showcase the ingenuity of today’s educators and students.   And don’t forget LegacyQuest, our first International Children’s Film and Video Festival co-sponsored by the Archaeology Legacy Institute that will be held in conjunction with their own international festival in May 2014 during AntiquityNOW Month.  We already have an encouraging number of teachers interested in submitting entries.

So for all you teachers out there, please join us!

We’ll give you full attribution and you can share with a world community
of educators your unique perspective and contributions.  Please visit for more information and to submit your work.

Scroll down to see the AntiquityNOW infographic and video we showed at the NCSS conference, and our slideshow from the conference.


NCSS Poster Final_Nov 17 copy

This infographic was used in our poster session at the conference.

Conference Video

Conference slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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