AntiquityNOW Launches The Bazaar With Original Dinnerware Designs

The "Minoa" plate in black on white.

The “Minoa” plate in black on white.

AntiquityNOW is pleased to announce the launch of our new store, The Bazaar, featuring original designs by our Artist-in-Residence Dan Fenelon.

Fenelon draws his inspiration from ancient art, iconography and symbols, infusing his pieces with an inventive recasting of familiar and unfamiliar images.  Tribal and primitive imagery strike a contrapuntal note to his modern interpretations.  Whether an aficionado of ancient designs or a confirmed modernist, individuals will find that Fenelon’s perspective has a beguiling appeal.

Fenelon’s first collection in his dinnerware series for AntiquityNOW is Urban Antiquity, fashioned in five original patterns in black on white or white on black.  The dishes and mugs can be purchased separately or as a set, either in the same color or mixed and matched.

“People find stories in my designs because they are so intricate and interwoven,” says Fenelon.  “I have a deep attraction to early cultures.  I am fascinated by their art and how it represents ideas of the cosmos, of the origins of life, of a spiritual realm—some of the same issues we continue to explore today to find a place and purpose in life.  Connecting the ancient and the modern is the driving force behind my creative endeavors, and one that shows how art has been embedded within the human spirit from time immemorial.”

The "Fira" mug in white on black.

The “Fira” mug in white on black.

Shirley Gazsi, president of AntiquityNOW, says that Fenelon’s art also has a very practical charm.  “Dan’s art is unusual.  Each dinner piece is an opportunity for invention.  What better dinner party to host than one where these unique designs grace the table and spice up the conversation?   With guests’ interpretations of what each design means, imagine how each forkful can uncover a new narrative possibility.  Want a memorial dinner party?  Here’s your chance.”

Other items in the store include t-shirts and bags featuring AntiquityNOW’s unique logo.   The Bazaar will continue to feature artistic products, often one-of-a-kind.  Please go to to see our current offerings.

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