Welcome to Dan Fenelon, AntiquityNOW’s Artist-in-Residence

KachinaDan Fenelon’s art blends an infusion of pop, cartooning, modernism and tribalism along with an explosion of vibrant colors.

Influenced by cartoons from the time he was a child, his art has a whimsy and fantasy that can be embraced by children and adults alike.  The viewer becomes lost in a phantasmagorical world of dancing figures and prancing animals, floating skulls and geometric faces, curvilinear lines and mosaic-like backgrounds, ancient symbols resonating with a post-modern sensibility.  It’s a tangled web of delight and astonishment that lures you deep within this art form, and you emerge breathless from the netherworld of Dan’s imagination.

Look for upcoming announcements regarding our partnership with Dan.  And take a look at the video below to see Dan’s unique view of ancient imaginings.

2 responses to “Welcome to Dan Fenelon, AntiquityNOW’s Artist-in-Residence

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  2. I am a huge admirer of Dan’s and own many reproductions of his work. You are an incredible artist. I have your paintings hung all over my psychotherapy office (yes, it helps people identify and get in touch with their inner feelings, whether it be pain or joy). Wish I could meet you some day, or commission a piece having to do with human suffering and healing (but I doubt I could afford a custom piece). Dan, if you create something that would further help people get in touch with themselves, please contact me.

    Larry Cohen, Haddon Township, NJ

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