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AntiquityNOW Month: Make Something Monday! Paint by Number Minoan Fresco

Dan's dolphinIt’s AntiquityNOW Month! Create a beautiful mural with artist Dan Fenelon’s paint by number design for AntiquityNOW inspired by the Minoan “Fresco of the Dolphins” on the island of Knossos near the north coast of Crete.

The Knossos Dolphin: Create Your Own Piece of Art Inspired by Antiquity with Dan Fenelon

dolphin frescoIn honor of AntiquityNOW Month, our Artist-in-Residence Dan Fenelon has created a paint by number activity using one of his paintings inspired by the Minoan “Fresco of the Dolphins” on the island of Knossos. The fresco is from the Palace of Knossos located just south of modern-day Heraklion near the north coast of Crete. The palace was built by the Minoans around 1950 BCE, but was damaged by an earthquake in 1700 BCE and had to be rebuilt.[1] Commissioned by King Minos, the palace was the creation of the ancient architect Dedalos and was said to have been so complex in its design that no one placed inside its walls could ever find its exit.[2] The second palace built on the remains of the first continued this labyrinthine structure, but included several changes. In his book “Architecture of Minoan Crete”, John McEnroe writes,

In the second Palace, much of the monumental bulk of the earlier building would be lightened through structural innovations and intricate details, and the taste for colored stone would be partly replaced by representational wall paintings.[3] Continue reading

Celebrating Chinese New Year: The Dragon Re-Interpreted

003 The dragon has a long and esteemed history in Chinese lore.  In honor of Chinese New Year, AntiquityNOW’s Artist-in-Residence Dan Fenelon has recast this legendary figure into phantasmagorical creations that fuse the ancient and the modern with a whimsical turn—a Fenelon trademark. Continue reading

Coming January 31: Chinese New Year and the Year of the Wooden Horse

Sculpture from the Han Dynasty. Image courtesy of Robert Harding Picture Library.

Sculpture from the Han Dynasty. Image courtesy of Robert Harding Picture Library.

January 31, 2014 is the first day of the New Year in the Chinese calendar. It is designated as the Year of the Wooden Horse and officially ends on February 18, 2015.  The horse symbolizes adventure and romance, as well as the opportunity to seek out better fortune, especially for those who hadn’t been particularly lucky in 2013.  We’ll be posting a series of blogs during January and February to commemorate this ancient holiday.  We also will have a special section on our website showcasing various activities and festivities: Continue reading

It’s Not Too Late! Shop for Unique Gifts at The Bazaar

Still wondering what to get for that person who has everything? Look no further than The Bazaar. We have gifts for the foodie in your life, gifts for the history lover and even gifts featuring beautiful original designs by our Artist-in-Residence Dan Fenelon.  Read more about Dan’s designs in “AntiquityNOW Launches The Bazaar With Original Dinnerware Designs” and learn more about our foodie products in “Ancient Foodie Tee, Tote and Apron Now Featured in The Bazaar.”  Click HERE to visit our online Zazzle store and order your gifts today!

AntiquityNOW Launches The Bazaar With Original Dinnerware Designs

The "Minoa" plate in black on white.

The “Minoa” plate in black on white.

AntiquityNOW is pleased to announce the launch of our new store, The Bazaar, featuring original designs by our Artist-in-Residence Dan Fenelon.

Fenelon draws his inspiration from ancient art, iconography and symbols, infusing his pieces with an inventive recasting of familiar and unfamiliar images.  Tribal and primitive imagery strike a contrapuntal note to his modern interpretations.  Whether an aficionado of ancient designs or a confirmed modernist, individuals will find that Fenelon’s perspective has a beguiling appeal. Continue reading

KIDS’ BLOG! Today’s Art Inspired by the Ancient Maya and Aztec Civilizations

Monster Mash by Dan Fenelon

Monster Mash by Dan Fenelon

Dan Fenelon, AntiquityNOW’s Virtual Artist in Residence, looks to the past to feed his boundless imagination.  He reaches in to antiquity and plucks inspiration from many ancient cultures to create a new art that is both modern and timeless.  Two of the civilizations that inspire him are the Mayas and the Aztecs.  Both flourished for thousands of years and created some of the most beautiful and recognizable works of art and architecture. Continue reading

Welcome to Dan Fenelon, AntiquityNOW’s Artist-in-Residence

KachinaDan Fenelon’s art blends an infusion of pop, cartooning, modernism and tribalism along with an explosion of vibrant colors.

Influenced by cartoons from the time he was a child, his art has a whimsy and fantasy that can be embraced by children and adults alike.  The viewer becomes lost in a phantasmagorical world of dancing figures and prancing animals, floating skulls and geometric faces, curvilinear lines and mosaic-like backgrounds, ancient symbols resonating with a post-modern sensibility.  It’s a tangled web of delight and astonishment that lures you deep within this art form, and you emerge breathless from the netherworld of Dan’s imagination.

Look for upcoming announcements regarding our partnership with Dan.  And take a look at the video below to see Dan’s unique view of ancient imaginings.