The Archaeology Channel Announces TAC Video News Now Available on Comcast

TAC snipThe Archaeology Channel has announced that TAC Video News is now available on cable television in Western Oregon and Western Washington via Comcast OnDemand. TAC is a program of Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI), an independent, nonprofit research and education corporation.  ALI partners with AntiquityNOW in co-sponsoring LegacyQuest, the International Children’s Film and Video Festival.

Rick Pettigrew, president of Archaeological Legacy Institute, had this to say about the Comcast venture:

Our partnership with Comcast gives us a chance to expand aggressively into the cable TV space and attract a much bigger audience. A larger number of viewers makes the Video News from TAC show more attractive to sponsors, which could fuel further expansion of our programming. This could be a practical path toward a full-fledged cable TV channel presence and a more prominent platform for sharing our perspectives and information about cultural heritage.

Telling the human story to audiences is central to our nonprofit mission, which supports the activities of archaeologists and assists indigenous people in the preservation of their traditional cultures.

We congratulate The Archaeology Channel and look forward to the prospects ahead for TAC in garnering wider support for cultural preservation. Visit The Archaeology Channel to watch TAC Video News online any time.


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