Exploring LegacyQuest 2014! Time Travel: Greek and Roman Architecture

LegacyQuest large logo blue borderThis week we’re featuring another video from a group of students who received an Honorable Mention for their excellent filmmaking efforts. This entry from The Baldwin School in Pennsylvania takes us back in time to Ancient Greece and then fast forwards to Ancient Rome before returning us to the present day, comparing and contrasting architecture throughout the journey. It was created by middle school students Armina, Gloria, Jordyn and Vivienne (Vivi) with the help of their teacher, Jeannette Keshishian.

These students knew they wanted to make a film about architecture because they could see how Ancient Greek and Roman architecture had a “large influence on modern American architecture.”[1] The fact that they could see this influence all around them, in both famous buildings as well as the structures they use every day, made this topic especially interesting to them and they wanted learn more.

How do you show ancient architecture to your viewers? Time travel of course! The imaginative students knew that going back in time would “add a twist to the plot of the video.”[2] They wanted to surprise their viewers. Also, it would allow them to go all the way back to Ancient Greece and then move forward to show the influence of Greek architecture on Roman architecture. Finally, they could return to present day and illuminate the similarities between the architecture of the two ancient civilizations and our modern-day structures. The Wells Fargo Center was compared to the Coliseum and the White House paired with the Parthenon. The final time travel scene showed how “buildings have only changed a little over the years.”[3]

With abundant creativity and a desire to learn, these students created a video that is both educational and entertaining!

Before traveling back in time to explore ancient architecture, take a moment to learn a bit more about these hard-working students.

Armina likes to swim. Her favorite class in school is English.

Gloria likes to read, write and draw. Her favorite class in school is English.

Jordyn likes to play basketball and work out in the gym. Her favorite class in school is social studies.

Vivienne (Vivi) likes to play outside. Her favorite class in school is science.

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