Looking Back on the Winners of LegacyQuest 2014 and Looking Forward to LegacyQuest 2015

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Letter of Intent Deadline– December 12, 2014

(Please contact us at info@antiquitynow.org if you need an extension)

Final Entry Submission Deadline– February 27, 2015

There’s still plenty of time before final video submissions on February 27. Contact us at info@antiquitynow.org if you need an extension on the Letter of Intent that provides a brief description of your project. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this exciting and enriching experience.

In honor of the upcoming 2015 festival, we’re taking a look back at the winners of the 2014 festival. Click here to view all of the 2014 films and visit our LegacyQuest page for details on how to get involved. Scroll down to enjoy the inspired work of last year’s winners and see antiquity in a whole new light!

First Place

Entitled “Social Media: Dreaming Through the Ages,” this short film was created by middle school students, Arlie, Sammar and Jack from Morganton Day School under the supervision of teacher Britta Gramer. Their stated goal was to “study the different components of social media, and to research different forms of communication in different societies.” They wanted to “show the world that social media is not that new.” The students noted that they chose this topic because they were all so fascinated and even obsessed with modern-day social networking and they were shocked to learn that ancient people used a form of social media as well. Using a fun, time-traveling, dream world, Arlie, Sammar and Jack uncover the fact that “communication has been happening since the dawn of humanity and it is only the format that has changed over the years.”

Second Place

These students said they considered several ideas for their project before landing on fashion, but they weren’t content to just cover the topic. They wanted to make a video that was “fun, interesting, that would be enjoyable for all ages, and most of all, original.” They decided to bring ancient fashion into the modern world with a makeover show. The characters are gods and goddesses chosen for their specific attributes and every facet of the look is discussed, from hair to makeup to jewelry. Each student chose an area on which to focus and did research on that particular topic before coming together as a team to share what they had learned. After putting the finishing touches on their entry the students said, “It was so much fun creating, filming, and editing our video. We hope you enjoy the video!”

Third Place

When the students found out they’d be doing a video about storytelling they knew right away that they wanted to act out an ancient Greek or Roman story. They wanted it to be a “fun learning experience” and were determined to choose a “myth full of action and drama.” Several different options were considered including Hercules and Pandora, but nothing seemed right. Finally, the students remembered a modern book series called Goddess Girls and they decided to compare this modern version of the Persephone story with the ancient myth. They were excited to begin filming, intending to give the video a “story-like feel.” The students felt it was important for each of them to contribute equally to the process. Once they had finished researching, scripting, filming and editing their project, they all agreed it was “an exceptional learning experience” that gave them the opportunity to “showcase their research.”

*All quotes are taken directly from student/teacher entry packets.

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