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Looking Back on the Winners of LegacyQuest 2014 and Looking Forward to LegacyQuest 2015

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Letter of Intent Deadline– December 12, 2014

(Please contact us at info@antiquitynow.org if you need an extension)

Final Entry Submission Deadline– February 27, 2015

There’s still plenty of time before final video submissions on February 27. Contact us at info@antiquitynow.org if you need an extension on the Letter of Intent that provides a brief description of your project. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this exciting and enriching experience.

In honor of the upcoming 2015 festival, we’re taking a look back at the winners of the 2014 festival. Click here to view all of the 2014 films and visit our LegacyQuest page for details on how to get involved. Scroll down to enjoy the inspired work of last year’s winners and see antiquity in a whole new light! Continue reading

Exploring LegacyQuest 2014! World News Live: Roman Architecture Edition

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The student filmmakers in the next video in our Exploring LegacyQuest 2014 series received an Honorable Mention for their fantastic work. This entry from The Baldwin School in Pennsylvania illuminates Roman architecture and its connection to modern architecture. It was created by middle school students Veda, Hope, Risa, Emily and Abby with the help of their teacher, Jeannette Keshishian. Continue reading

LegacyQuest: A Teacher’s Perspective

LegacyQuest large logo blue borderThe inaugural LegacyQuest International Children’s Film and Video Festival has come to an end, the winners have been announced and we are already looking forward to a fantastic festival in 2015. We wanted to know the reactions of the teachers who decided to use this competition as a way to get their students excited about the ancient past. The following is what Britta Gramer from Morganton Day School had to say. Continue reading