Exploring LegacyQuest 2014! World News Live: Roman Architecture Edition

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The student filmmakers in the next video in our Exploring LegacyQuest 2014 series received an Honorable Mention for their fantastic work. This entry from The Baldwin School in Pennsylvania illuminates Roman architecture and its connection to modern architecture. It was created by middle school students Veda, Hope, Risa, Emily and Abby with the help of their teacher, Jeannette Keshishian.

The students had been studying Roman architecture throughout the semester and knew they wanted to do a video that would explain how the ancient structures they were learning about are connected to modern structures we see every day. The challenge was coming up with the best way to present the information. Originally, they considered using a time machine storyline, but abandoned that idea because it seemed overly complicated. Finally, they agreed on a newscast, which allowed their video “to be in an official format” as well as “interesting, fun and organized.”[1] They named their newscast World News Live and set about deciding on specific topics for the show. Each student selected a structure about which to be interviewed by the newscasters. They all had reasons for choosing their particular piece of architecture. For example,

Abby chose the Coliseum because she was very interested in how it was built and what happened inside the monumental building. Emily selected the pillars and columns because she was intrigued by what they were used for and the different styles used by the Romans. Risa selected the Circus Maximus because she was interested in learning more about it. She already knew something about the Circus Maximus from a game she had played. Veda was given the aqueduct because she was interested in learning more about the underground plumbing system that the Romans used.[2]

Researching the topics and making the actual video was challenging, but very rewarding. They all agreed they learned more about Roman architecture than they thought they’d learn when they began the project.

Before watching World News Live: Roman Architecture, take a moment to learn a bit more about these hard-working students.

Veda likes to do gymnastics and sing Adele songs. Her favorite classes are science and math.

Hope likes to dance, read and write. Her favorite class is English.

Risa likes to play video games and read. Her favorite class is science.

Emily likes to read, act, sing and draw. Her favorite class is English.

Abigail (Abby) likes to read, ride horses, sing and draw. Her favorite classes are English and science.

[1] Film Essay.

[2] Film Essay.

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