5 Ways to Celebrate an Ancient Valentine’s Day, Courtesy of AntiquityNOW

BigPinkHeartIt’s the most romantic day of the year and you’re not quite sure how to show your one true love that you’ll love him or her for a thousand years…. We have the answer. Give a Valentine’s Day inspired by the ancient past and remind your one and only that no matter how many years pass, your love is as timeless as the Mona Lisa and as enduring as the pyramids.

  1. EternityRead a love story inspired by an ancient Egyptian poem or watch a video of the story narrated and accompanied by images and music. The tale of an archaeologist translating a 3,500 year old poem and remembering his long lost love will bring you closer together as you realize how love transcends boundaries of space and time.
  1. Cook a dinner inspired by antiquity. Check out our Bon Appetit Wednesday section to find delicious recipes with ancient roots. We’ve got appetizers, main dishes, sides and even drinks! Your beloved will be dazzled by your cooking and impressed by your knowledge as you share ancient facts about your Valentine’s Day victuals.
  1. Learn together about the ancient history of love and Valentine’s Day. We’ve written some interesting and thought-provoking articles about Valentine’s Day, romance and even February, the month of love, which will delight not only the heart, but also the mind.
  1. Dan's dolphinCreate art inspired by antiquity. Use the activity template designed by our Artist-in-Residence, Dan Fenelon, to produce your very own paint-by-number Minoan Dolphin Fresco. Give it as a gift or make it as a team and revel in the romance of artistic expression.
  1. Enjoy this slideshow of ancient depictions of love and remind your honey that one day future humans will be inspired by the story of your love.

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