2015 Recipes With a Past

Recipe Ebook 2015 coverThe wait is over! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our 2015 Recipes With a Past e-cookbook, a compendium of dishes derived from our weekly Bon Appetit Wednesday! blog posts. This year’s book contains recipes from all over the world. With 22 gluten free and 13 vegan recipes for everything from appetizers to drinks and desserts, it’s easy to plan a historic international feast.

Recipes With a Past commemorates innovators of the past who have left their own culinary legacies for today’s tables.  These recipes reflect the great bounty of this earth and remind us to cherish and preserve our cultural heritage, in all its forms.

“AntiquityNOW seeks to show how our common origins in the ancient past unite us as a people,” said Shirley K. Gazsi, president. “Despite geopolitics and divisive social and cultural issues, the fact is that we all share a common heritage on this earth. Recipes With a Past is one way—delectably inspiring, we hope—of reflecting that reality.”

Download the 2015 Recipes With a Past pdf, perfect for printing, and you have an easy and inspiring gift for friends and family.


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