Throwback Thursday! Ancient Ways to Cool Off

summer sun blue skyIt’s hot out there, folks! In the northern hemisphere, we’re all searching for the best way to cool down. We turn to all of our modern techniques: air conditioning, electric fans, cooled swimming pools, ice packs and more. But did you know that the ancients had their own ways of cooling off? From fans to fountains and even the first air conditioner, antiquity never ceases to surprise and amaze. Check out our post, It’s Hot, Hot, Hot! Ancient Methods of Keeping It Cool,  for more fascinating info on the history of chilling out.

And while you may not have been surprised to learn that the ancients were creative in their search for methods to cool themselves down, you may be amazed to learn they did the same for their animals. Specifically, for their horses. On the north coast of Africa, at an ancient city over 2,000 years old, “archaeologists digging at the famous Circus of Carthage have revealed a startlingly advanced system to cool down horses and chariots during races.”[1] Click here to read the entire article and learn about the ancient technique.

We suggest reading the above articles while sitting in the air conditioning and sipping on an ice cold drink. Perhaps you’d like a glass of Dandelion Wine (another ancient recipe). It is best served very cold!

[1] Carthage archaeologists dig up smart cooling system for chariot racers – Archaeology. (n.d.). Retrieved July 04, 2016, from

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