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AntiquityNOW Month and Ancient Horrors: Introducing Paul Hodge

This month we are premiering AntiquityNOW’s Science Fiction section. The horror story is a close relative of science fiction with today’s audiences, whether those tales of horror take place in outer space or a country churchyard.  With a nod to the enduring appeal of both genres, this tale by Paul Hodge conjures up ancient folklore (going back to Mesopotamia and ancient Greece and Rome) and a sense that death is sometimes not all that it appears to be.

paul hodge

Paul (P.J.) Hodge

Paul Hodge left London and came to reside in Hampshire armed with the collected works of MR James, Kate Bush and Nigel Kneale. He now trawls the dusky corners of the country seeking stories to entertain (and scare). These form part of his own collected works and blog, Freaky Folk Tales. Hodge will also be contributing his imaginative stories to Today’s Muse, AntiquityNOW’s creative section.

Enjoy his tale The Churchyard Horror below. Continue reading

Nanotechnology and the Ancient Romans: A Breakthrough 1,600 Years in the Making

Lycurgus Cup

Lycurgus Cup

The jade-green chalice with its delicately etched image of King Lycurgus entangled in grapevines is a stunning example of Roman glassmaking.  But only upon closer examination can the observer appreciate the true innovation of these Roman artists—their use of nanotechnology. Continue reading

It’s a 3D Life: Using Minecraft to Recreate Antiquity

minecraft_wallpaper_by_woopwoopwoop11-d475steIt’s a strange world of 3D cubes that comprise environments both hauntingly beautiful and brutally harsh.  Rivers flow through peaceful meadows, deserts and jungles teem with hidden dangers and mountains loom in awe-inspiring splendor.  For the high school students in Peter Albert’s class at The Hun School, a private academy in Princeton, NJ, Minecraft is a fantasy computer game with considerably high stakes and a provocative underlying premise.  In this 3D virtual habitat, students confront a primal question:  Do you have what it takes to survive? Continue reading

May the Force Be With You: AntiquityNOW Marking International Star Wars Day During AntiquityNOW Month in May

Star Wars Image copyThe Star Wars series has defined generations of space enthusiasts and launched fantasy franchises that try to compete, but never beat, the original.  Not to be outdone, AntiquityNOW has a new take on this iconic brand thanks to Jason Allen, PhD., who is Coordinator of Social Science at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College.  Last year Allen created a well-received lesson plan in honor of International Star Wars Day on May 4 that featured both Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings movies.  This year Allen will be working with AntiquityNOW on another curriculum that mines the ancient motifs in these series to illustrate how science fiction can reflect life truths, whatever the life form. Continue reading