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May Is AntiquityNOW Month: Here’s How to Celebrate

AN News GreyMay is soon upon us, and that means it’s AntiquityNOW Month, a time to commemorate the legacies of our ancestors and acknowledge that the past is not as distant as we think.  From supercomputers to nanotechnology to marvels of engineering, our modern society is beholden to the ingenuity of ancient peoples.  Interested in seeing some fun things you can do with students, family and friends?  Check out some of the ideas below.  Also see our partners who are joining in the festivities. Continue reading

It’s a 3D Life: Using Minecraft to Recreate Antiquity

minecraft_wallpaper_by_woopwoopwoop11-d475steIt’s a strange world of 3D cubes that comprise environments both hauntingly beautiful and brutally harsh.  Rivers flow through peaceful meadows, deserts and jungles teem with hidden dangers and mountains loom in awe-inspiring splendor.  For the high school students in Peter Albert’s class at The Hun School, a private academy in Princeton, NJ, Minecraft is a fantasy computer game with considerably high stakes and a provocative underlying premise.  In this 3D virtual habitat, students confront a primal question:  Do you have what it takes to survive? Continue reading