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AntiquityNOW Month is Almost Here!

AN Month bigThis Friday is the start of the second annual AntiquityNOW Month when we celebrate all things ancient, with a modern twist! There are plenty of ways for you to join in as we look to the past for some of today’s most innovative concepts. We’ve created a list of ideas and inspirations on our AN Month web page to celebrate ingenuity through the ages. Here are a couple of fun highlights you can look forward to: Continue reading

AntiquityNOW Month Continues!

AN News GreyAntiquityNOW Month is only half over and there’s still plenty of time to celebrate how the ancient past lives today. Check the list below for fun ways to get involved and don’t forget about our #ISeeAntiquity hashtag campaign. See something that reminds you of antiquity? Post it on your Twitter or Instagram with #ISeeAntiquity! Continue reading

May Is AntiquityNOW Month: Here’s How to Celebrate

AN News GreyMay is soon upon us, and that means it’s AntiquityNOW Month, a time to commemorate the legacies of our ancestors and acknowledge that the past is not as distant as we think.  From supercomputers to nanotechnology to marvels of engineering, our modern society is beholden to the ingenuity of ancient peoples.  Interested in seeing some fun things you can do with students, family and friends?  Check out some of the ideas below.  Also see our partners who are joining in the festivities. Continue reading