AntiquityNOW Month is Almost Here!

AN Month bigThis Friday is the start of the second annual AntiquityNOW Month when we celebrate all things ancient, with a modern twist! There are plenty of ways for you to join in as we look to the past for some of today’s most innovative concepts. We’ve created a list of ideas and inspirations on our AN Month web page to celebrate ingenuity through the ages. Here are a couple of fun highlights you can look forward to:

#ISeeAntiquity Hashtag Campaign

Just like last year, we’re asking “Where do you see antiquity?” Use the #iseeantiquity hashtag for all of your social media postings about the ancient past in modern times. It is amazing how antiquity intersects with our daily lives in our food, art, medicine, entertainment and so much more. We want to know where you see antiquity.

Follow us on social media to find out where we see antiquity! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for lots of fun ancient-meets-modern pics!

iseeantiquity 2014

Some images from #ISeeAntiquity 2014!

Factoid Friday

This year, each Friday in May we’ll be highlighting a fun fact about antiquity’s influence on our lives today. Make sure you’re following our blog so you won’t miss a single fantastic factoid!

Make Something Monday

For all you parents and teachers out there, Mondays in May are all about creativity! We’ll be featuring a project you can do with your kids that highlights the connection between the ancient past and our modern lives. And don’t forget you can visit our Education Matrix any time to see activities sorted by ancient region/civilization.

There are so many exciting ways to keep the past alive. AntiquityNOW Month is the perfect time to peer into antiquity and explore the fascinating ties that bind us together.

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