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AntiquityNOW Month: Factoid Friday! Hygiene and the Yuck Factor

old fashioned tubWhat do ashes, animal fat and goat tallow have in common? Find out what the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Germans and Gauls knew about soap and you’ll have your answer. From 2800 BCE we’ve been scrubbing and dubbing ourselves with all manner of cleansers. Learn about the antecedents of modern hygiene and personal care here.

AntiquityNOW Month: Factoid Friday! The Coffee Bean’s Jittery History

John Frederick Lewis, The Coffee Bearer, 1857

John Frederick Lewis, The Coffee Bearer, 1857

In 15th century Turkey a woman could legally divorce her husband if he didn’t keep her well supplied with coffee. Learn more about the nefarious and splendiferous legacy of this enduring brew here.

AntiquityNOW Month is Almost Here!

AN Month bigThis Friday is the start of the second annual AntiquityNOW Month when we celebrate all things ancient, with a modern twist! There are plenty of ways for you to join in as we look to the past for some of today’s most innovative concepts. We’ve created a list of ideas and inspirations on our AN Month web page to celebrate ingenuity through the ages. Here are a couple of fun highlights you can look forward to: Continue reading