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Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Amaranth Leaves

Starr_061114-9880_Amaranthus_spinosusToday we’re bringing you another ancient African super vegetable, amaranth leaves. You may be thinking, “Didn’t they already do a Bon Appetit Wednesday article about amaranth?” The answer is “Yes!” Bon Appetit Wednesday! Popping Up Some Ancient Amaranth was about the ancient use of the amaranth grain in the Americas. The amazing thing about amaranth is that it was used in a completely different way in ancient Africa. It was and continues to be a very popular green vegetable, called a potherb. The leaves are boiled, sometimes with other green leafy veggies, and provide numerous vitamins and minerals. As is the case with many ancient food staples, amaranth grows quickly and easily in many habitats so it was perfect for those needing an inexpensive and healthy meal.[1] In fact, the word “amaranth” actually comes from the ancient Greek word meaning “life everlasting.”[2] Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday! African Nightshade

managu“Eat your greens and you’ll grow big and strong!” Since childhood we’ve been taught the importance of eating leafy green veggies, but that never seemed to persuade our minds or palates.  But times have changed, and as a surprise to our younger selves, it seems that greens are getting more and more popular. No longer do we run from kale, or hide our collards under the napkin. Today, greens are all the rage. In fact in Africa, restaurants are increasingly turning to ancient, indigenous species to invigorate their menus and bring back a taste of the past. One of the most popular veggies making a comeback is the African Nightshade. Today, we’re bringing you a recipe for Cream of Nightshade Spinach. Spoiler Alert: There’s no spinach involved. Continue reading