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It’s Back to School! AntiquityNOW Celebrates Teachers Through the Ages

It’s that time again! Teachers around the world have been hard at work preparing curricula, decorating classrooms, and making sure their students have all the tools they need to learn and grow through the coming school year. In honor of these soldiers for education, we want to take a moment to celebrate educators through the millennia, and recognize those who have dedicated their lives to teach and inspire.

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Summer Reading Recap: Greece

Parthenon-2008_entzerrtFor those of you returning to school this September, today we’re bringing you up to speed on ancient Greece. Make sure you’re the first one to raise your hand this year when the teacher says, “Where is the birthplace of Western philosophy?” Continue reading

Summer Reading Recap: Rome

colloseumSummer is winding down and kids are heading back to school. There are supplies to organize, bags to pack and school clothes to buy. But you also want to make sure they are ready to reboot from a long summer. We at AntiquityNOW are here to help. For the next two weeks we’re highlighting select cultures with a list of blog posts and links to help your child brush up on the ancient past and its enduring legacy today. Continue reading