Summer Reading Recap: Rome

colloseumSummer is winding down and kids are heading back to school. There are supplies to organize, bags to pack and school clothes to buy. But you also want to make sure they are ready to reboot from a long summer. We at AntiquityNOW are here to help. For the next two weeks we’re highlighting select cultures with a list of blog posts and links to help your child brush up on the ancient past and its enduring legacy today.

Up first: Rome! Visit the links below to refresh your knowledge of this ancient and influential culture.

For a look at how ancient Roman culture influences our present and future, check out our blog posts:

For an overview of ancient Rome, also visit our partner Ancient History Encyclopedia’s site:

Visit our Education Topic Matrix to learn even more about the ancient Roman Empire! We have curricula, recipes, arts and crafts and more. We’re also accepting submissions of content, so contact us with your ideas and contributions.

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