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Download Our Printable Bookmarks and Support the Importance of Cultural Preservation

The mission of AntiquityNOW is to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our cultural heritage by demonstrating how antiquity’s legacy influences and shapes our lives today and for generations to come. Our goal is to illustrate that humankind’s commonalities are stronger than its differences, and to share this knowledge to promote mutual understanding, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among our global family.

You can help support this message by downloading, printing and sharing our high-resolution, printable bookmarks. Continue reading

Download AntiquityNOW’s Timeline Bookmark and Become the Talk of the Ages

Bookmark for Online Professional PrintingHow long does it usually take chewing gum to lose its flavor?  Bet you can’t beat 5,000 years.  Remember your first computer and how amazing new technology seemed?  What about the world’s first computer from 100 BCE that tracked astronomical patterns?  Are you a sports fan?  Tell me who loved baseball better than the Mesoamericans in 1,400 BCE? Continue reading