Download AntiquityNOW’s Timeline Bookmark and Become the Talk of the Ages

Bookmark for Online Professional PrintingHow long does it usually take chewing gum to lose its flavor?  Bet you can’t beat 5,000 years.  Remember your first computer and how amazing new technology seemed?  What about the world’s first computer from 100 BCE that tracked astronomical patterns?  Are you a sports fan?  Tell me who loved baseball better than the Mesoamericans in 1,400 BCE?

These facts and more are yours to keep on your very own bookmark from AntiquityNOW.  Dazzle the bibliophiles in your life with this bookmark gracing your latest read.  Never again be a deer in the headlights at cocktail parties.  You now have a bookmark with historical factoids that kill.  And as to your losing sports team, just remember—today at least there are no ritual sacrifices.

Download our Timeline Bookmark and see how modern life began thousands of years ago.

AntiquityNOW will be featuring the bookmark and our many other educational offerings at two upcoming conferences:  the New Jersey Council for the Social Studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey and the National Council for the Social Studies in St. Louis, Missouri.

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