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The Origins of Golf

golf manThroughout history, several civilizations have used a club and  ball as an entertainment or game. The Romans, for example, played pangea, which according to the Roman scribe Catullus would appear to be the father both of modern hockey and the Celtic games of Shinty and Hurling, both of which use a ball–often played in the air–and stick in very fast-paced field play.[1] Continue reading

Happy New Year!…Trick or Treat?

Imagine celebrating the New Year on Halloween. Ghosts, costumes, candy, parties, fortune tellers, bonfires- and champagne toasts at midnight!  Our modern Halloween was not always about trick or treating and carving pumpkins. It was influenced by numerous other traditions, including the celebration of the Celtic New Year.


Modern day offerings for the Samhain festival. Image courtesy of Avia Venefica on Flickr.

The largest influence on our modern Halloween is Samhain: the Celtic New Year celebration that fell roughly on October 31st – November 1st.  Celts believed that on the evening of the New Year souls of the dead could return to Earth.   Continue reading