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Bon Appetit Wednesday! National Chocolate Lovers Month

6138-close-up-of-melted-chocolate-pvMiss a chance to celebrate chocolate? Not at AntiquityNOW! It’s National Chocolate Lovers Month and we’re bringing you all of our chocolatey content in one decadent post. Humans have been chocoholics for thousands of years. Even our ancestors knew that sometimes all you need after a tough day is the taste of the velvety concoction. Click on the links below to learn about the ancient history of chocolate and to enjoy recipes inspired by chocolate’s unique and delicious past. Scroll down to find an adventurous and unexpected recipe for Chocolate Chicken. With all of these fantastic recipes, you can observe this holiday by serving chocolate for every meal! Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Time to Break Out the Aztec Chocolate Caramel Popcorn

aztec popcornIt’s the end of January and that means National Popcorn Day is upon us! The actual date is contested with some sources saying it’s the 19th (last Sunday) and others claiming it falls on Super Bowl Sunday.  We’ve decided to compromise and celebrate right between these two dates. So whether you’re celebrating retroactively or preparing in advance for February 2nd, this Aztec Chocolate Caramel Popcorn is sure to please. Continue reading

Hot Fudge Sundae: A Dessert 5,000 Years in the Making

Ice_cream_sundaeIt’s July and the temperatures have been rising…and rising…and rising.   How about forgetting the heat with a scrumptious hot fudge sundae?  But before you dig in, let’s take a moment to appreciate the human ingenuity over five millenia that brought you the cooling cream and rich chocolate sauce of this very ancient confection. Continue reading