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Bon Appetit Wednesday! Easy, No-Bake Cookies with Quinoa, the Incas’ “Mother of all Grains”

1024px-QuinuaLast week we celebrated ancient amaranth, superfood of the Aztecs. So this week we decided to explore another ancient “grain” that sustained a great civilization. Quinoa was to the Incas what amaranth was to the Aztecs: a source of strength and life. And just like amaranth, quinoa isn’t really a grain at all. It is a seed from a plant in the goosefoot family, and along with amaranth and buckwheat is often called a “pseudocereal” because it is grown for use as a grain.[1] Let’s take a trip through quinoa’s history before indulging in a delectable recipe for easy, gluten-free, dairy-free, No-Bake Quinoa Cookies. Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Popping Up Some Ancient Amaranth


Image credit: Kurt Stüber [1] – caliban.mpiz-koeln.mpg.de/mavica/index.html part of http://www.biolib.de

Today’s recipe is for 5-Minute Amaranth Popcorn—a nutritional, gluten-free snack food to accompany a rousing ballgame or a family movie night. It’s so scrumptiously delicious it will fool even the most hard-core popcorn devotees! The best part about this recipe is that it features one of history’s greatest plants. Popularly referred to as a grain, amaranth is not actually a grain at all. It is a seed from a non-grass family of plants and is often grouped together with other pseudograins such as buckwheat and quinoa. It takes its name from the Greek word amarantos, which aptly means “one that does not whither” or “never fading.”[1] Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday: Eat Like the Ancients With Rice, Barley and Gingered Adzuki

adzuki bean

Adzuki bean. Image courtesy of ninjagecko on Flickr.com.

Healthy eating is becoming more and more popular in today’s society as we discover that the processed foods we’ve been ingesting for so long can actually be harmful. One of the easiest ways to find healthy, nutrition-packed foods is to look into the past and eat like the ancients. Many ancient ingredients have recently entered the spotlight because of their recognized health benefits. The adzuki bean is one such food. Today’s recipe is a wonderful vegetarian meal of Rice and Barley with Gingered Adzuki. Used as a main dish or simply as a complement to the main course, this recipe is packed with nutrition and flavor. Continue reading