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Throwback Thursday! A Happy Halloween of Chills, Thrills and the Lure of the Unspeakable

Paris Zombie Walk, 8 October 2015, Creative Commons

We admit it. We at AntiquityNOW love Halloween. Who doesn’t like dressing up in a new persona, foraging for treats and menacing those who give us short shrift? Yes, it is the time of fun for children and for sociopaths…oops, that is, forever-young grownups.The last few years have seen a plethora of fiction about undead horror, and zombie costumes have become a Halloween staple. But the zombie zeitgeist has been reflected in some remarkably real-world scenarios these last few years. It has been a time of science, fear and mythology to rival any fictional work of pandemics, plagues and devious microbes. So let us reflect back on AntiquityNOW’s zombie trilogy to see how very close we have come to the fictions of now and ancient times, and why our species delights in the lure of the unspeakable.

Zombie Apocalypse, Part 1: The Lamentable History of Zombies

Zombie Apocalypse, Part 2: Zombies and Pop Culture

Zombie Apocalypse, Part 3: Emergency Preparedness and the End of Life As We Know It (We’re Not Kidding)