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Bon Appetit Wednesday! Celebrate AntiquityNOW’s Third Anniversary With Recipes From Mexico’s Ancient Past (And Discover the Tale of the Talking Enchiladas)

antiquitynowglowwithtagThree years ago this summer on a sweltering Saturday afternoon, an idea was born. Maybe it was the deliciously stuffed enchiladas, the tangy coolness of the marguerites or the festive Old World charm of the Burrito Loco restaurant in New York’s West Village that got our thoughts dancing. In the midst of our repast, one of our group of antiquarian devotees suggested we start an organization. Now, we are a motley crew of various perspectives and copious talents. How should we harness that creative energy to make a unique contribution? Suddenly, as if by divine Maya intervention, our enchiladas seemed to speak to us. Why not an organization that looks at the contemporary world against its ancient roots? So it’s not just an enchilada colorfully presented on the table. It is the collective history of corn, of the ancient pancake, of every ingredient that bulges inside this history-laden dish. That enchilada lying innocently under a mole sauce (chocolate-based, gift of the Maya gods) was a concoction redolent of humankind’s thousands of years of evolution from nuts and berries to salsa and nachos. In this moment of culinary transfixion, AntiquityNOW was born. Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Savory Pre-Columbian Tamales With Black Beans

Image courtesy of Joel Luks.

Image courtesy of Joel Luks.

Did you know that tamales are not simply a delicious Mexican creation, but actually an ancient food staple?  Created by the Aztecs using maize, their most important food, tamales were often filled with beans that were second only to maize in dietary importance.  Other popular fillings included chilies, amaranth seeds, maize flowers, honey, beeswax, turkey, eggs and cherries.[1] Continue reading