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Bon Appetit Wednesday! Halawet El-Riz: A Ramadan Dessert for the Ages

ramadan Halawet Al RizRamadan is coming to a close and we thought we’d share a wonderful dessert recipe that is a favorite.  It is a perfect way to end an iftar or evening meal that breaks the fast that the faithful observe each day during the Islamic holy month. The recipe below for Halawet El-Riz conjures up a rice, cheese and cream dish that is interesting not only in its delectable fusion of ingredients, but as is so with many recipes, because it is the culinary result of human endeavor through the centuries. Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Kheer: Ancient Indian Rice Pudding

Making_of_KheerThis week we’re bringing you a sweet, exotic treat from India. Kheer is a rice pudding made in several variations across South Asia and of course, it has a history! Also called payasam, this ancient dessert comes from the Hindi culture and is most often seen at ceremonies, feasts and celebrations, although it can easily be enjoyed any time of year. Continue reading