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Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Roman Eggs for Easter

easter-eggsEaster is this Sunday and if you’ve already had enough of brightly-colored hardboiled eggs, we’ve got you covered. Just in time for Easter breakfast we’re reposting an ancient Roman egg recipe that had the Romans begging for seconds. Click here for all of the scrumptious details about Ancient Roman Eggs in Pine Nut Sauce or jump right to the recipe below! Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday! The Incredible Edible Egg (in Pine Nut Sauce à la Ancient Rome)

poached eggsThe Romans had a saying, “ab ovo usque ad malum,” which translates “from eggs to apples” and is closely related to our modern saying, “from soup to nuts.” Basically, it means “from beginning to end.” One thing is certain—the Romans knew their way around an egg.  Today, we’re bringing you an ancient Roman egg recipe that is the perfect beginning to any meal or any day. Eggs in Pine Nut Sauce can be used as an appetizer or served for breakfast if you’re craving something different from the typical eggs and bacon. Continue reading