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From Ancient Graffiti to Modern Street Art: Our Need for Self Expression Through Time

Maeshowe chambered cairn.

Maeshowe chambered cairn.

Update! This post was originally published on December 12, 2012. The post below explores humanity’s fascinating obsession with leaving our mark. Graffiti has been with us since before recorded history. It provides an incredible wealth of information about who we are as historical beings and where we’ve been. These ancient markings also cause us to reflect on the sweep of human endeavor and wonder what will remain of the 21st century that may intrigue, appall or inspire, much as ancient graffiti does today. Continue reading

#MuseumWeek on Twitter!

museum week logoIt’s #MuseumWeek on Twitter! All this week museums around the world are celebrating culture and cultural heritage by using specific hashtags in their Twitter posts to highlight different aspects of museums. You can get involved too! Each day has a different hashtag, so some days you’ll want to check out what museums are saying by following a particular hashtag, while other days you can use the hashtags yourself and post about your own museum experiences. Check out the chart below for the schedule and visit www.museumweek2015.org for more information. Click here to follow @museumweek. Continue reading

Wall Posts: Putting Pompeii’s Political Graffiti in a Modern Context

Do you instantly share your amazing dinner on Instagram?  Post about your political opinion on Facebook?  Find a liked-minded community through LinkedIn? Perhaps our ancestors had similar feelings about their social networking systems.

While part of online social networking is creating an identity, the main purpose is to create connections with others and add to the conversation.   In today’s hypercaffeinated online world, we get excited if a celebrity or important organization re-tweets us. We feel part of something, connected to a person or idea that expands our sense of self. Continue reading