“9mm America”: Girl Be Heard Uses Theater to Fight Gun Violence

9mm AmericaAntiquityNOW Month partner Girl Be Heard is fighting back against gun violence.  9mm America is a show written and performed by young girls living in neighborhoods where gun violence is a constant threat.  One girl explains that her neighborhood is known as “4CD” or “the Four Corners of Death” because so many people have died there due to gun violence.

9mm America opened on June 1st at the Robert Moss Theater in New York and has received excellent reviews.  Laura Rohrman of the New York Theater Review called it “a great, devastatingly honest success.” The live theatrical production includes spoken word, dance and original songs and a talk back led by a celebrity supporter. You can still catch the final performance on June 19th. Next, Girl Be Heard plans to take the show on tour to schools and communities in need, but they need your help to do it.  Visit their site to learn more about the show and how you can donate to the project.

Click below to watch a preview of the show.


So, what does this show have to do with antiquity?  Violence is not a modern concept.  Throughout history civilizations have been plagued by violence and often it has been the young, the innocent, the seemingly powerless who have joined together and risen up against the threat.  These young women are following in the footsteps of antiquity’s bravest voices and speaking out.  Our ultimate goal at AntiquityNOW is to” illustrate that humankind’s commonalities are stronger than its differences, and to share this knowledge to promote mutual understanding, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among our global family.” We support Girl Be Heard as they work to empower young women to make a difference and bring about a more peaceful world.

We have an exciting project planned with Girl Be Heard for AntiquityNOW Month 2014. Stay tuned to our website for updates on a show that will showcase women’s voices from antiquity.

Don’t miss our Thursday blog post with more about Girl Be Heard and its Director, Ashley Marinaccio.

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