Explore Our New Teacher-Submitted Curriculum: “The Use of Symbols in Egyptian Religion”

The History of Religion in EgyptAntiquityNOW is pleased to announce a new curriculum available on our website.  Submitted by Sharlyn Scott, social studies teacher at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, Arizona, the curriculum is titled “The Use of Symbols in Egyptian Religion: Ancient Egyptian, Coptic Christian, and Islamic Images.”  Scott developed the curriculum after a Fulbright Hays study tour to Egypt in the summer of 2010. The curriculum leads students from the ancient to the modern, asking them to “analyze artwork, sculpture and architecture to determine different cultural world views and values”.[1]

According to Scott, the curriculum is designed for high school sophomores or students in honors World History and Geography.  The lessons can be covered in three class periods and could follow the study of ancient Egypt, Orthodox Christianity and the rise of Islam.

The lessons correlate with the National Common Core Standards of Speaking and Listening, Grades 9-10. Click here or on the image above to download the entire curriculum.

Do you have curricula, syllabi, classroom activities/projects or other submissions you would like for us to feature on our website? Please fill out our Submission Form and email us at submissions@antiquitynow.org. We want to showcase your best ideas!

1. Scott, Sharlyn. “Lesson Plan- The Use of Symbols in Egyptian Religion: Ancient, Coptic Christianity, and Islam”.

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