Bon Appetit Wednesday! National Herbs and Spices Day

Herbs and Spices HolidayToday is National Herbs and Spices Day! We thought it would be the perfect time to remind you of some ingenious and delicious ways the ancients made use of herbs and spices. Not only did they season their food, they also used these ingredients medicinally. Explore below the recipes along with their fascinating histories that have tickled the palate and nurtured the species through the millennia:

Anise Almond Brittle (1)Anise: Bon Appetit Wednesday! Almond Brittle with the Ancient Anise


  • bittersBitters: Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Bitters, Modern Cocktails

  • dandelion-108459_640Dandelion: Bon Appetit Wednesday! Bottle the Taste of Summer with Dandelion Wine

  • Chicken Curry in a Hurry. Image credit: John Kernick. realsimple.comCurry: Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Chicken Curry in a Hurry

  • salad-164685_640Herb SaladBon Appetit Wednesday! An Ancient Roman Salad

  • Marshmallows_in_soft_yellow_and_blue_lightMarshmallow: Bon Appetit Wednesday! Celebrate the Ancient Marshmallow with a S’more Pie

  • mustardMustard: Bon Appetit Wednesday! Chilled Stone Crab Claws With Mustard Sauce

    nettleNettles: Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Nettle Pudding—Britain’s Oldest Recipe


  • Saffron_CropSaffron: Bon Appetit Wednesday! Lemon Buttermilk Pie with Ancient Saffron
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