Bon Appetit Wednesday! National Dairy Month

800px-Egyptian_Domesticated_AnimalsIt’s National Dairy Month in the United States and since the use of dairy in food has a long and rich history throughout antiquity, we thought we’d bring you a recap of some delicious and nutritious ways that ancient civilizations got things cookin’ with dairy! Kefir grains. Image credit: tarlkgore on Flickr. Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Magical Kefir   Ricotta. Image credit: Fugzu on Flickr Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Ricotta and a Simply Delicious Tart   Butter_with_a_butter_knifeBon Appetit Wednesday! Asparagus With Curry Butter: The Ancient History of Golden, Buttery Deliciousness   grilled cheeseBon Appetit Wednesday! Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month   SavillumBon Appetit Wednesday! Celebrate an Olympic-Sized Love with Ancient Cheesecake   Image courtesy of Reese Lloyd on Flickr. Bon Appetit Wednesday! Happy Holidays! Enjoy an Eggnog Courtesy of Your Ancestral Genes   turmericBon Appetit Wednesday! The Magic of Ancient Turmeric

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