Don’t Miss Our Latest Recipes With a Past E-Cookbook!

Recipe Ebook 2015 coverAre you having a difficult time deciding what to cook for the historian in your life? Do you have a dinner party coming up and you don’t know how to wow your guests? Do you want to spice up meal times at your house? AntiquityNOW to the rescue! Download our latest free e-cookbook, Recipes With a Past 2015, and you’ll have recipes for everything from soup to nuts. And you won’t just be serving up delicious and unique dishes, you’ll also be helping to preserve cultural heritage by passing on the history behind these ancient foods.

One response to “Don’t Miss Our Latest Recipes With a Past E-Cookbook!

  1. That’s very cool, I have trying to put a ‘retro recipe’ into each issue of our new magazine with a write up on the cooking and eating of the dish, our first was a Roman Tuna Steak recipe (delicious) and the upcoming recipe is Viking apple and bacon (also delicious)

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